On the Gilmore Girls Revival

I’ve never written a “review” blog on anything; movie, book, tv series… nothin.


But the Gilmore Girl Revival has caused so much pent up angst within me that I have to spill out all of my opinions in one place.

so *SPOILERS AHEAD* – please stop reading if you haven’t finished the show and would like to remain clueless.


Let me start by saying:


The Gilmore Girls revival was a ginormous disappointment. 


I didn’t realize how strongly I felt this until I started reflecting and processing what actually happened in the show.


I watched the original Gilmore Girls on a regular basis when it aired in the 2000’s. I kept up with the in’s and out’s of the Gilmore lifestyle; I cried when hearts were broken; I celebrated when characters matured and made courageous life decisions.


You might be thinking right now that I’m way too emotionally invested in this show. Quite honestly, it had all been put on the back burner until news about this revival aired. I love a good story. I love good character development. And Gilmore Girls has always provided me with characters I can root for.


But this revival was a huge disservice to two characters that I love deeply.


For starters, Lorelai was minimized to an immature 50-year-old who still lives with her boyfriend after 9+ years with no logical explanation. 

No “I still have trust issues and I can’t marry him.”

No “I just like dating instead of being married.”

No “I just don’t want to get married.”


There was no explanation for their relationship.

It was as if Luke and Lorelai simply were put on hold for 9 years, fast forwarded to the future, and pressed play right when the viewers tuned in on November 25. There was no depth, maturity, or even chemistry anymore.

Good relationships come through having hard conversations and working through insecurities and weaknesses. Yet here, our two characters still lied to each other about their vulnerabilities. And after 9 years, Lorelai didn’t hesitate hiding from her “partner” that she was going to therapy. Why would that be something to hide from someone you’re sharing life with? Why not walk through the difficult and hardships of life together? Why didn’t we see Luke mourning with Lorelai about her father’s death? Helping her process her grief?

Somewhere over these 9 years, Lorelai Gilmore tried to remain the 30-something mother to a teenager that she had always been. But as viewers, we were longing to see maturity. We wondered what Lorelai in this stage of life might look like. How her and Luke’s relationship might have grown and weathered. Yet she tried to remain who she used to be trapped in her 48-year-old body.


It was as if Amy Sherman-Palladino had waited all these years to show us the wedding. But viewers weren’t on edge waiting for the wedding. We knew/hoped that it had happened over these 9 years. We hoped to catch glimpses of it during flashbacks. Mostly, we were anticipating to walk into the middle of a long-fought-for marriage. And we were short-handed something that could have been amazing.


Rory exchanged her years of independence and knowledge, leadership and growth, for dumb decisions that were better suited for a girl in the early 20’s. 

No part of Rory Gilmore’s story belonged to a woman in her 30’s. Let alone, a Rory Gilmore in her 30’s.

I’m all for people not having their lives together yet. That’s perfectly fine to not have it together.

But for the love of everything, make good decisions.

Sleeping with a guy who’s engaged and not showing any remorse about it? Never mind the fact that he seems perfectly fine with sleeping with you and hiding it from his fiancé and has absolutely no intention of breaking up with her. Also he doesn’t even try to hide answering your 2 am phone calls with her in the bed next to him. Blech.

Not to mention, you’re still dating some rando whose name you don’t even remember (and have been for 2 years) and can’t find the “time” or decency in yourself to have a 60 second phone call to break up with him?

Oh and while you’re doing this, have a random one-night-stand with a guy from ComiCon?

Also crash on multiple people’s couches, refuse to have a real job, and oh yea, never buy underwear for an entire year.

These are small, pretty basic, and OBVIOUS decisions that most humans would have a correct response to.

Yet here, our beloved and brilliant Yale-graduated Rory can’t seem to make the right one.


This isn’t rocket-science. This is “how to be a mature adult 101”. And the Rory I left back in 2007 was smarter than that. 

Heck she rejected a proposal post-college (a proposal that I know many women would’ve accepted) because she was too goal-oriented. It was the wiser decision for her. She was a freakin genius in 2007.

Apparently in 9 years, you can lose every bit of wisdom you’ve ever had.




Emily Gilmore was the one redeeming quality of the revival. Her character development and maturity was everything faithful viewers had always hoped for. And her life post-Richard is what everyone hopes their life would look like if, God-forbid, their spouse passed away. It was inspiring and hopeful.

She grew. She mourned. She matured. She laughed. She found a life she loved. It was beautiful.



Gilmore Girls in the early 2000’s had no idea why it was wonderful and loved. It did whatever the heck it wanted and marched to the beat of its own drum, horribly getting cancelled in 2007.

Apparently in the 9 years that followed, however, it read up on itself. It made a list of everything that everyone loved and when the time came for the Revival, said “LET’S BE SURE TO INCLUDE EVERYTHING EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD LOVED x 1000!”

It’s why the whole thing felt so sporadic and jumpy and random (Hello, Stars Hollow musical? Like, what the actual heck did this add to the plot? How about some character development, folks?)


I don’t like the conclusion that everything has come “full circle” with Rory being pregnant. That thought makes me believe that Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t believe in more for her Gilmore daughter than to repeat her mother’s mistakes. This makes me think that ASP believes that history will always repeat itself, no matter what.

And I trust don’t believe that’s what ASP wanted for her characters.

The only thing that has made me feel the slightest bit resolved is believing that Gilmore Girls the tv show is the tv version of Rory’s book. And therefore, we’re only supposed to know as much as the book knows.



Rant over.