On the Gilmore Girls Revival

I’ve never written a “review” blog on anything; movie, book, tv series… nothin.


But the Gilmore Girl Revival has caused so much pent up angst within me that I have to spill out all of my opinions in one place.

so *SPOILERS AHEAD* – please stop reading if you haven’t finished the show and would like to remain clueless.


Let me start by saying:


The Gilmore Girls revival was a ginormous disappointment. 


I didn’t realize how strongly I felt this until I started reflecting and processing what actually happened in the show.


I watched the original Gilmore Girls on a regular basis when it aired in the 2000’s. I kept up with the in’s and out’s of the Gilmore lifestyle; I cried when hearts were broken; I celebrated when characters matured and made courageous life decisions.


You might be thinking right now that I’m way too emotionally invested in this show. Quite honestly, it had all been put on the back burner until news about this revival aired. I love a good story. I love good character development. And Gilmore Girls has always provided me with characters I can root for.


But this revival was a huge disservice to two characters that I love deeply.


For starters, Lorelai was minimized to an immature 50-year-old who still lives with her boyfriend after 9+ years with no logical explanation. 

No “I still have trust issues and I can’t marry him.”

No “I just like dating instead of being married.”

No “I just don’t want to get married.”


There was no explanation for their relationship.

It was as if Luke and Lorelai simply were put on hold for 9 years, fast forwarded to the future, and pressed play right when the viewers tuned in on November 25. There was no depth, maturity, or even chemistry anymore.

Good relationships come through having hard conversations and working through insecurities and weaknesses. Yet here, our two characters still lied to each other about their vulnerabilities. And after 9 years, Lorelai didn’t hesitate hiding from her “partner” that she was going to therapy. Why would that be something to hide from someone you’re sharing life with? Why not walk through the difficult and hardships of life together? Why didn’t we see Luke mourning with Lorelai about her father’s death? Helping her process her grief?

Somewhere over these 9 years, Lorelai Gilmore tried to remain the 30-something mother to a teenager that she had always been. But as viewers, we were longing to see maturity. We wondered what Lorelai in this stage of life might look like. How her and Luke’s relationship might have grown and weathered. Yet she tried to remain who she used to be trapped in her 48-year-old body.


It was as if Amy Sherman-Palladino had waited all these years to show us the wedding. But viewers weren’t on edge waiting for the wedding. We knew/hoped that it had happened over these 9 years. We hoped to catch glimpses of it during flashbacks. Mostly, we were anticipating to walk into the middle of a long-fought-for marriage. And we were short-handed something that could have been amazing.


Rory exchanged her years of independence and knowledge, leadership and growth, for dumb decisions that were better suited for a girl in the early 20’s. 

No part of Rory Gilmore’s story belonged to a woman in her 30’s. Let alone, a Rory Gilmore in her 30’s.

I’m all for people not having their lives together yet. That’s perfectly fine to not have it together.

But for the love of everything, make good decisions.

Sleeping with a guy who’s engaged and not showing any remorse about it? Never mind the fact that he seems perfectly fine with sleeping with you and hiding it from his fiancé and has absolutely no intention of breaking up with her. Also he doesn’t even try to hide answering your 2 am phone calls with her in the bed next to him. Blech.

Not to mention, you’re still dating some rando whose name you don’t even remember (and have been for 2 years) and can’t find the “time” or decency in yourself to have a 60 second phone call to break up with him?

Oh and while you’re doing this, have a random one-night-stand with a guy from ComiCon?

Also crash on multiple people’s couches, refuse to have a real job, and oh yea, never buy underwear for an entire year.

These are small, pretty basic, and OBVIOUS decisions that most humans would have a correct response to.

Yet here, our beloved and brilliant Yale-graduated Rory can’t seem to make the right one.


This isn’t rocket-science. This is “how to be a mature adult 101”. And the Rory I left back in 2007 was smarter than that. 

Heck she rejected a proposal post-college (a proposal that I know many women would’ve accepted) because she was too goal-oriented. It was the wiser decision for her. She was a freakin genius in 2007.

Apparently in 9 years, you can lose every bit of wisdom you’ve ever had.




Emily Gilmore was the one redeeming quality of the revival. Her character development and maturity was everything faithful viewers had always hoped for. And her life post-Richard is what everyone hopes their life would look like if, God-forbid, their spouse passed away. It was inspiring and hopeful.

She grew. She mourned. She matured. She laughed. She found a life she loved. It was beautiful.



Gilmore Girls in the early 2000’s had no idea why it was wonderful and loved. It did whatever the heck it wanted and marched to the beat of its own drum, horribly getting cancelled in 2007.

Apparently in the 9 years that followed, however, it read up on itself. It made a list of everything that everyone loved and when the time came for the Revival, said “LET’S BE SURE TO INCLUDE EVERYTHING EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD LOVED x 1000!”

It’s why the whole thing felt so sporadic and jumpy and random (Hello, Stars Hollow musical? Like, what the actual heck did this add to the plot? How about some character development, folks?)


I don’t like the conclusion that everything has come “full circle” with Rory being pregnant. That thought makes me believe that Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t believe in more for her Gilmore daughter than to repeat her mother’s mistakes. This makes me think that ASP believes that history will always repeat itself, no matter what.

And I trust don’t believe that’s what ASP wanted for her characters.

The only thing that has made me feel the slightest bit resolved is believing that Gilmore Girls the tv show is the tv version of Rory’s book. And therefore, we’re only supposed to know as much as the book knows.



Rant over.


On Promises Fulfilled

I avoided writing for all of engagement.

It might’ve been the chaos and busyness of everything. It might’ve been because I had absolutely no clue how to process through engagement – so I just threw myself into wedding planning.

Maybe it was some other reason. I’m not sure.


But on April 2nd, we got married. And I’m ready to talk to about it 🙂



It was the dreamiest and most perfect day of my entire life.

I don’t say that to be dramatic. Seriously. It was the absolute best day of my life. It was exactly everything I wanted it to be and more. There is nothing I would change about that weekend or that day.

We kept pausing that Sunday after the wedding, overcome with how blissful and overwhelmed we felt. It was by far the happiest day of our lives. So many people worked together to pull it off and we are so grateful for every single one of them.


Engagement, however, was not the most blissful time of my life.

Engagement was filled with tears and processing through every single bit of fear I had in my body. New fears of intimacy and commitment overwhelmed me. Noah dealt with many days (and nights) of me shutting down, confused about my own emotions, and quite frankly, terrified of marriage.

The thought that kept going through my head was “There’s no way out. Once I’m in this, I’m totally stuck. There’s no way out.” 

And that thought was terrifying.


This was the first time I had chosen a relationship that was going to last for the rest of my life,  no matter what. 


To bring light to the season of engagement, in case you are engaged or in case you plan to be engaged and deal with this too, let me just tell you…

I thought about calling off the wedding more than once. 

Not because of anything Noah ever did. And not because of any legitimate fight we ever had. But simply because I was overwhelmed with fear, sometimes that manifest itself in what I thought was legitimate logic.


Thoughts like “He doesn’t know the ways to romance me perfectly” or “Is he ever going to learn how to communicate better?” or even “Our story doesn’t look like theirs and they’re so in love and confident about marrying each other and I’m just scared. Is this okay?!” 


I found flaws in everything. Every little thing that came up was a “make or break” for me.


But time and time again I would go to Jesus and community and they would both remind me of the Truth: That Noah was the best for me. That he loved me better than anyone. And that I loved Noah.

There are moments where you need those around you to bring you back to the Truth, even if it becomes repetitive. And even if it seems like common sense. 


The truth is that I dealt with fear all the way up to wedding week.

Throughout our entire dating relationship and even to engagement, I never felt I heard God say “Noah is the one. Marry him.” I always felt like He gave me the freedom to choose him and didn’t give me many directional words about our relationship.

I wondered if I should’ve heard “Noah is the one.”; wondered if that was the tell-tale sign of how you know if you should marry someone; wrestled with this fear time and time again that maybe this was wrong.


But I decided to move forward afraid. Even if I didn’t have a “Thus sayeth the Lord.” 


And then wedding day came. In fact, about two weeks before wedding day, I felt my heart begin to shift. I consistently started praying that I would feel everything – that I would be totally aware of what a big fulfillment this was. And I felt fear begin to disintegrate. 


That day was so peaceful yet I was filled with nerves and excitement. It all felt so surreal.

This was my wedding day. The day I’ve been dreaming of for years. This was it.


And then suddenly 5:00 was here.

And as we waited to be lined up and begin walking down, I started crying and laughing hysterically. And I couldn’t stop.

This was it. This was the moment we had been praying for. As I walked towards the doors, my dad squeezed my hand. And I couldn’t contain the emotions I felt.

Gratitude. Thankfulness. Love. Overwhelming joy. All of it.


And I saw him.

Everyone else disappeared around me and I saw him at the end of the aisle. Crying. Grinning like a fool. And I was overwhelmed.

He was it. There was no doubt in my mind. He was my husband. He was the man God had promised for me, exactly and specifically. It was Noah. 

When I got to the end of the aisle, we were both overcome with such joy. I kept staring at him and all I could think was “Wow. You’re him! YOU’RE HIM! I can’t believe you’re him! I can’t believe I get to marry you. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe you’re him.” I literally only thought those thoughts for the entire ceremony.

And this overwhelming wave of the fulfillment of a promise filled me when we were pronounced man and wife. There was no doubt and no more fear. Noah was more than I asked for. He was more than I imagined he would be. He was the answer to a 7 year promise. He was the exact fulfillment that God said he would be.


Marriage is a dream.

I can’t explain it more than that and I don’t care if this is just the honeymoon phase.

But I feel more alive as a wife, specifically as Noah’s wife, than I ever have before. Despite the unfamiliarity of learning to live with a boy (lol) and adjusting to life as a married couple, there is still this place of familiarity and safety.


Nothing is a make or break anymore.

He is my partner and best friend. And it is the most blissful feeling to have someone know you better than anyone else. 


I’m more in love with him now than ever before.


I think I had to choose him, you know? I had to do it all afraid only on faith and hoping that I wasn’t wrong about this being it. Because the revelation that he WAS it came at the absolute most perfect time.


I was made to be his wife. I really was. And he was made to be my husband. Undoubtedly.


On Perfection, Promises and Proposals


If you’ve followed my social media, you might’ve seen that a pretty big thing happened a week and a half ago:



Noah proposed to me on Saturday, October 17th. And so far engagement has been crazy. Crazy as in, I feel like I am shell-shocked the majority of the time, saying over and over again: “Is this real life??”

Engagement is WEIRD. I don’t think anyone told me that. Or maybe they did and I ignored them.

Basically transitioning into engagement is so sudden and rapid, that there is very little time to process. You get a ring on your finger and all of the sudden all of your “maybe one day’s” become reality in the blink of an eye.

You have to start teaching your heart how to let its guard down.

There are no “what if’s” anymore.

There are just “is” moments.

This is happening. We are getting married. We are planning a wedding. You actually are my husband I’ve been praying for.

Thats sounds so exciting to people. I get that. If you’re single, you might be thinking “I want the is moments! I want to be saying all of that.”

But for me… it has been terrifying.

Engagement isn’t an easy adjustment! I have no idea why but it’s mostly just freaked me out because CRAP GOT REAL, FAST!

Here’s the situation.

“My husband” and “marriage” have been HUGE promises on my life for the past 5-6 years. 

I’ve gotten words upon words, fought through seasons of doubt and pressing in, seasons of intense revelation, seasons of drought.

I’ve pressed into believing for guys who weren’t it.

I’ve had my heart broken and been disappointed.

I went 6 years without dating anyone, all while God kept speaking “He’s on his way.”

So when he actually did arrive… it was hard to believe that this was REALLY it.

Given – there were a LOT of things to tip me off. Many, many various confirmations.

But I tried dissecting all of it… all of him… to figure out if he really was it.

I analyzed him up and down. I ran every situation through my “perfection” lens. I took into account all of my emotions, making sure they lined up with the emotions that I thought coincide with receiving a promise from God.

And let me just tell you…

It didn’t add up.

He wasn’t perfect. (shocker… he’s human so perfection is pretty hard to achieve). I didn’t feel perfectly all the time. (shocker… I’m human so I’m a rollercoaster of emotions very often and perfection on my part is pretty hard to achieve as well). I wondered consistently if our love was “big enough” to sustain the big words I’d gotten.

I have been attacked with doubt and fear over the past 2 weeks. Right before he proposed until even now. Sometimes, waves of panic hit me. “Marriage is forever. Do I love him enough? Do I like him enough? Do we have what it takes to have a successful marriage for the rest of our lives? Holy crap… ‘the rest of our lives’!”

Our proposal was a little awkward and not perfect but adorable just the same. (Not a flaw on him… being the crazy person I am, I voiced a lot of things that I wanted in a proposal and he tried to incorporate every little thing I wanted and that was adorable and wonderful because he’s amazing… but probably not the way he originally wanted to propose… which would’ve been way better than all of my ‘suggestions’ – that was a huge ‘trust your husband’ lesson in itself)  

I knew it was coming. (How do women not know it’s coming, by the way?? He was SO weird all day and that made ME weird! I kept thinking ‘If he isn’t proposing, we’re going to need to have a serious talk because he’s so weird right now.’)

I wasn’t overwhelmed with joy and began weeping when I saw the ring. (Which was what I expected my reaction to be. I was more just like HOLY CRAP THAT IS GORGEOUS. AND IT’S ON MY HAND. WAIT WHAT. THIS JUST HAPPENED. THIS HAPPENED?!?! I JUST GOT PROPOSED TO!? WE’RE ENGAGED!?!) 

In fact… I was talking about poop 30 seconds before he proposed. (Not my proudest moment. Apparently when I know I’m getting proposed to and there’s a camera in my face, I turn into a little crazy wind-up toy and start talking about whatever’s on my mind. Namely, poop. That picture at the top is probably the moment that that’s happening.) 

And I have felt scared. Scared of marriage. Scared of that kind of intimacy. (That’s what’s really happening in me right now. Despite the fact that I’ve longed for marriage, when it’s at my front door, for some reason, it’s still scary). 

And I have wondered, “If this is it, am I supposed to feel this way?” 

But I had this revelation yesterday.

I think we miss many promises of God because we insist they look perfect. We think, “If it’s from God, every aspect of it will be perfect.” AND THAT’S NOT TRUE. 

I would love to ask Mary how she felt when she was pregnant with Jesus.

I bet she dealt with insecurity. I bet she had stretch marks and sore feet. I bet she had nights of no sleep or days where her hormones got the best of her and she yelled at Joseph for cooking pita the wrong way.

She was carrying that perfect Promise inside of her. Yet I’m sure there were many aspects that made that Promise feel less than perfect.

I wonder if at any point during those 8-9 months, where her clothes started fitting weird or her best friends started spreading rumors about her, if she thought “This can’t be the promise. It’s too messy. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. There are so many things about it that aren’t perfect.”

Especially when her contractions started while she was on a donkey.

Especially when there was no room for them as her contractions worsened.

Especially when she propped her head and feet up on hay as the cows in the pen behind her kicked up dirt.

It wasn’t perfect… the birth of our Savior and the circumstances surrounding it… the biggest promise there ever was.

He was delivered in imperfect circumstances. 

That’s the point.

Promises are delivered in imperfect circumstances. 

I am so sick of people not walking into their promises because every little thing is not perfectly aligned. Of young adults dating and breaking up after a while because their relationship is “hard” or isn’t “perfect” or their significant other just doesn’t “get them” perfectly so it surely can’t be their spouse, because their spouse will always just get them. (THAT’S A LIE, BY THE WAY).

Of people working at jobs or moving to cities and having relational conflict or trouble in ministry and just ditching because it’s not perfect. Because ministry has to be perfect if it has the hand of God on it too, right?


Stop insisting that perfection = the promise.

And stop comparing your promise to what you see people advertising the promise looking like on Instagram. Church-planting, engagement, marriage, relationships, whatever. I guarantee you it’s less glamorous than you think.

Enjoy the process and the fact that it’s not perfect. 

I’m walking into a promise. And I’m terrified most days.

But I’m marrying a man who flippin’ adores me. Really. It is overwhelming how much he loves me.

I’m marrying a man who is HOT and loves Jesus with a fiery passion.

I’m marrying a man who is so extremely humble, patient, and loves people intensely.

I’m marrying a man who is a fighter and is tender-hearted.

I’m marrying a worshipping warrior who loves to press into the hard places.

I’m marrying a man who isn’t afraid of my emotions and is so steadfast & resilient, especially when I feel like I’m all of the place.

I’m in love with him.

And I pick him to be in this process with.


Also look at him y’all.

That’s my freaking future HUSBAND. WHAT IS LIFE AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

On Vulnerability and Comparison

I had the honor of writing this post as a guest writer for a website called The Christian Girl. If you haven’t checked them out, you totally should. 

Lately I’ve felt like there has been an attack on leaders and relational connections amongst the Church as a whole. So here are my thoughts on fighting that, through vulnerability. 

I’ve always loved Pinterest. I love the beauty in every picture on the page. Dinners that seem to be so elegantly and effortlessly thrown together. DIY projects that turn out flawless. Weddings where the bride and groom look incandescently happy.

It’s all of my dreams wrapped up in one place. It holds the house I would love to own and decorate one day. The love story I would love to find myself caught up in. The fitness goals I would hope to achieve one day. The body I would aspire to have.

And so I compare. I begin to become unsatisfied and discontent with my life. I look at Pinterest and groan, inspired yet discouraged that my life doesn’t seem to belong in the pictures that glaze across my screen.

I have a house that I love but it definitely doesn’t look like that. I have a boyfriend whom I love but we certainly don’t look like that when we take pictures. I made this beautiful chalkboard all by myself but my calligraphy skills are not up to par with that.

It’s an endless and vicious cycle of continually not feeling good enough.

And quite frankly, it leaves me feeling like garbage the majority of the time.

What I fail to recognize too often, however, is that these aren’t the real, everyday, messy scenes of a normal life.

What I see on Pinterest is the highlight reel.

It’s the moments that people are proud of; the moments they want to broadcast.

But it isn’t real life.

Real life – real stories – are made up of messes. Pinterest doesn’t tell you about the behind the scenes story that lead up to that one moment where the photographer snapped a picture. Pinterest doesn’t tell you that that couple had been through years of counseling or that the bride had cold feet on her wedding day. Pinterest doesn’t show you the time and effort that happen in the messy, unkempt process.

Yet still – we broadcast the life we would prefer people to see. We broadcast the highlight reel and the images of us at a most flattering angle. We write about how in love we are or share when things are perfect.

But the highlight reel won’t bring breakthrough. And the highlight reel doesn’t create community.

Community is formed and breakthrough happens when we begin being vulnerable about how messy each one of our processes is. It’s when we show up to a get together and don’t reply “Great!” when asked how we are if that’s not the truth. It’s admitting to the human sin in our own lives and the moments where we perhaps gave into our insecurities or had moments of anger. It’s when we fail big on a project at work and ask someone for advice, help or prayer.

I never knew that being in love wouldn’t always feel like I was in love. I never knew that dating someone I adored would also include moments where I didn’t feel anything for him and wondered if I was crazy. I never knew just how imperfect a Godly relationship could be and how much mess I would realize was inside of me by dating someone who is also seeking God.

I never knew this because this wasn’t what I saw broadcasted on social media. Relationships on social media are filled with him buying her flowers for every date and her being overwhelmingly in love with him at every second of every day.

The truth of the matter is that dating, marriage, friendships, ministry… it’s all imperfect.

Because the reality is we all have the mess. We are all in process. We all “fall short of the glory of God” (New International Version, Romans 3:23). We all are seeking to look more and more like Jesus but will never be perfect. And the reality is there’s no such thing as flawless.

It’s time we stopped broadcasting things in hopes that someone will hashtag #relationshipgoals in the comments. It’s time we opened the doors that have been closed for too long and invited someone in to the messy processes. You are not alone, friend. You aren’t alone in your process. There are many women out there who can sympathize. There are many more women out there who can pray and war with you for the breakthrough. There are women who want to know what’s happening in your life.

Think about it.

How do you respond when someone shares with you what is really going on in their life?

You hold them in deeper respect. You embrace them. You most likely begin carrying them in your heart. And your heart connects with theirs having heard more of their story.

What if this was the key for women being able to overcome comparison with each other? What if this was the secret to defeating any desire for your life to look like someone else’s?

Being vulnerable in the process.

Revealing the imperfection.

Rejecting the airbrushing.

Embracing each other in the mess of life.

You don’t have to have the most glamorous revelation or relationship. You don’t need to have it all together to enter God’s presence. And as women, we should insist that other women shouldn’t have to have it all together to be around us either.

To look like Him, we must embrace each other mid-process. We must share about our journeys and love each other through it. We’re all on a journey to look like Him and we must give grace to each other in the mess.

On Love and Instagram

I’m a highly emotional person.

I’ve mentioned before that I am pretty much Leslie Knope.

And if you need a clue into my emotional spectrum, just watch this.

As I’ve gotten older and as my relationship with Jesus has deepened, I’ve gone through many processes of learning how to not let my emotions rule me.

It’s difficult.

Being a highly emotional person, feeling things really deeply, but learning that your emotions don’t always tell the Truth. They might be accurate and in tune with what the circumstances around you are telling you. And you might be totally justified to feel what you feel. But many times, they don’t align with the capital T Truth that comes from God.

So what then?

What’s the balance?

I have to feel. Numbing is bad news and when I choose to numb, I choose to numb to God.

But even still, as a Christian who is growing and allowing God to shape and mold her, who submits her emotions to Jesus, I still don’t feel everything completely rightly.

Maybe it was naive of me to think that as I got older, my emotions would all come into alignment and I would feel the exact right thing in the right moment every single day.

But it isn’t true.

Sometimes, I don’t feel the right things in the right moments.

Sure, there are things that hit me like a ton of bricks in the “feels” department.

But sometimes, I just don’t feel what I’m supposed to be feeling.

For example:

I am crazy about my boyfriend. He is loving, compassionate, patient.

I expected, though, that when I found someone who I wanted to be with and who adored me that I would always feel like I was madly in love with them.


I had these high expectations for my own emotions. That they should be exactly like what I see portrayed in romantic comedies and on social media.

But the reality is that I don’t feel completely infatuated with him at all times.

I find things I get annoyed at.

I have moments where I just don’t want to be around him.

But Instagram tells me I should feel more and all the time, right?

That when you fall in love, you’re supposed to be constantly obsessed with being with that person and everything about them is just the most wonderful thing.

When I look at social media, I see the highlights of everyone’s love life. I see the romantic things some girl’s boyfriend did for her. I see women gushing about how obsessed and crazy they are for their significant other and how he makes them feel. And I buy into it.

I buy into the comparison trap.

The trap that tells me what I’m feeling isn’t right – I’m not feeling enough or my feelings don’t align with the feeling and emotions I’m seeing broadcasted all over Instagram.

I admit it.

I often use Instagram as a measuring stick for how I should feel about Noah. 


It’s embarrassing to write that.

But it’s true.

I read the captions of people’s pictures. I admire how infatuated people look with each other in pictures. I see how “in love” people are. And this voice inside my head creeps in and says “If you don’t feel exactly like that… this isn’t the right relationship for you.”

How dumb is that.

Instagram is telling me if I should be in love or not. In fact… Instagram is telling me what love looks and feels like.


I have one thing to say to Instagram now.

Screw you. 

I will not allow anything but Jesus to be a measuring stick for my relationship.

I will not allow anything but Jesus to define what being in love is.

Noah does make me feel many of the things I see on women’s Instagram captions. Oh, it’s not 24/7. Absolutely not. But it is often enough to know I’m absolutely crazy about him.

So I’m here to banish the expectation that you single girls have… the expectation that will cause you to break up with a perfectly wonderful human because you aren’t sure if you “feel” enough.

You aren’t going to feel all the right things every. single. day. of your relationship. 

Think about your relationship with Jesus. 

Do you constantly feel in love with Him? Loved by Him? Adored by Him?

Probably not. I bet you have days where you’re just not feeling it but you choose to press in.

The Truth is that you are. Regardless of how much you feel.

But you mustn’t dictate the status of your love based on what you think you should be feeling. 

A question I’ve continually battled over is “Do I feel enough for him? Enough for it to be it?”

Well what is “enough”? What the heck am I comparing it to besides the descriptions that are posted on social media of what people feel for their significant other?

Yes – feelings and emotions are important.

Yes – your man needs to make you feel something. He does need to give you those swoony moments where you look at him and think “I’m not sure I could be happier.” 

But the truth is that you aren’t going to feel that at all times.

There will be these moments where the way he says “But um….” will annoy the heck out of you for no reason.

But you have an opportunity to choose him.

The key is to listen to Jesus.

Let Him lead you into the exact relationship that is best for you.

Let Him decide your steps. Open your heart to hearing from the Truth He is speaking about your relationship. Let Him define what being in love looks like for your relationship. Let Him tell you how to love and serve someone (who has flaws…just like you) regardless of your emotions.

Nothing else.