Hey, Who’s Writing This Thing?

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Welcome to my blog!

Things you should know about me:

I LOVE Jesus and getting in the presence of God.

I moved to North Carolina around 2 years ago after completing Antioch Discipleship School in Waco, Texas.

I moved here to join a church plant that I love dearly.

I spend my week being called Ms. Gilliam by 7th graders.

I love bunnies.

Flannel and chambray are two absolute necessities in my closet.

Also sea foam green…is just…swoonsville.

I cook and bake often.

I love to throw great parties. Large gatherings of people inside my house bring life to my soul.

I get friend crushes on people VERY quickly, so please…feel free to be my friend. 

I am also a mix between Jennifer Lawrence’s quirkiness, Monica Geller’s competitiveness and Leslie Knope’s enthusiasm. Here’s a picture to prove it.

This was my audition for ANTM. (kidding…)

This was my audition for ANTM. (kidding…)

First and foremost, I am a sinner redeemed by the grace and love of Jesus. My desire in writing this blog stems from the core belief I have that we were all created to be a blessing.

I want to be vulnerable with you in the process of the mess, confusion, and mystery in hopes that it might somehow bless you and assure you that you aren’t alone.

I have felt envisioned to write about the more vulnerable and intimate things in life… the subject few venture to write about. Therefore, I tend to write in the middle of a process or season, where I don’t necessarily have a final conclusion or breakthrough. I have felt like God has said that vulnerability in the midst of process will bring freedom to others.

So I will share about most anything I feel burdened to write about. Many times, it will be about seasons I am currently in, the glamorous and not-so-glamorous ones. 

I’m also a fanatic for a good story. Especially one with good writing. Writing that makes you feel. Writing that takes you to a place you aren’t yet but could be one day. Writing that manages to capture exactly what you’re feeling in that moment.

And in The Fault In Our Stars (a story I’m a sucker for), John Green offers one of my favorite quotes of all time.

“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.”

Because that is every writer’s aspiration… or at least it’s mine: to provide the constellations for which people want to express their words. To offer language for situations and experiences that people have yet to understand. To give a definition to the emotions and the process and revelation of anything and everything happening to them.

That is my goal as a writer: to offer you constellations for your stars. 


2 thoughts on “Hey, Who’s Writing This Thing?

  1. hey Courtney! you used to live in Waco? i’m north of there in Fort Worth but dreaming of living in Austin ASAP! we’re also Christ-followers and fellow teachers! I teach 3rd grade reading. Sea foam green is an awesome color too because it’s almost my favorite color… mint! hope you had a restful Memorial Day weekend! AND SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER!

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