The Glorious Now

Around 3 years ago, this lovely little thing called Pinterest came into my life.

And I don’t know about you guys, but Pinterest is straight up, my jam.

I love it. 

I love it for being a teacher. I love it for decorating my house. I love it for cooking. I love it for exercising. I love it. I’m very “pro-Pinterest.”

It gets my mind dreaming and creating. It allows me to see things according to their potential, and not their current chaos. It gets me stoked to take on a new project. Like lately I’ve been doing some  furniture rehab. Not that I’ve gotten super crazy with it, but still! Pinterest is there telling me “Hey, Courtney. You’re so creative. You can make your house look like anything you want it to look like! You can be as organized as this teacher on this blog right here! You can do ALL OF IT.” 

And I’ve tapped into this whole other side of myself I didn’t know I had. This girl who loves the potential of what things could be – who lives for the “will be one day”. 

There is SO much value in dreaming. There’s value in seeing the hidden beauty in things when they aren’t there yet. It gives us hope for what’s to come. If a day seems bad, we have promises and words and dreams to hold on to about things to come. And we maintain hope. 

As prophetic people who can hear the voice of God, we see things that aren’t yet as if they were already. We get promises from God about situations around us or victories we’re GOING to have or the person we’re GOING to be. 

We need this. We need the dreaming and the promises for a hope and a future. We need it to live.

But sometimes, these fulfillments don’t come immediately. And as receivers of the promises of God, when things don’t happen when or how we want them, or how we expect the promises to pan out, we gather up disappointment by the fistful. 

We then shove them up to God, pouting “BUT YOU PROMISED.” Another day goes by where the promise didn’t happen. And we disappear from the present; sulking and persevering and pressing in for what isn’t yet.

Our days become occupied with what is to come and what isn’t yet. We work FOR something or TO BE someone we aren’t yet. Because we’ve heard “the best is YET to come.” So we look forward to tomorrow or maybe even the day after because then, maybe then, the best WILL come then. Just not yet. 

My life seems to be full of “not-yet’s.

My house is not-yet put together quite how I’d like it to be.

My classroom is not-yet as organized as I’d like it to be.

My family has not-yet experienced the major breakthrough they need.

I’m not-yet dating someone after what seems like a while of waiting.

I caught myself occupied in them this morning. I held these promises from God tight in my fists, swarmed with pressing in to the ‘not-yet’s’, disappointed and heartbroken by the middle time.

And then it was like I rubbed my eyes and woke up.

I’d been missing it. 

I’d been missing the glorious right now. 

If every day has a greater glory than the day before it, that means every day HAS glory. And it’s my job to see it – to find the glory in the now – to absorb all of the glory that’s wrapped up in today.

And then, go to bed knowing that tomorrow is going to hold even more.

Dreams were created to give us hope for AMAZING glories to come – not bind us to an obsession with the future.

When my life is occupied by the ‘not-yet’s’, I miss the oh-so glorious now. I don’t see the glories in the moments that pass me. I’m too busy thinking about “what could be” or “what isn’t yet.”

So on my way to school… I danced. A lot.

I blasted music and jammed.

I noticed a gorgeous bush full of red flowers at my school I’d literally never noticed before.

I became overwhelmingly thankful for a lot of friendships in my life. 

There were glories… I just had to look for them.

But “He will complete what He appoints for me…” 

He will bring about fulfillment to His promises.

It’s my job to enjoy the glorious now.

Yes, the best IS yet to come. 

But the key to contentment is knowing the greatest glories of my life so far are happening today.

It’s our job to find them.


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