The Waiting Game

Before I share this story, I should preface –

I don’t read horoscopes and I don’t believe in fortune tellers.

But I do believe in something better – The Holy Spirit and the gift of prophecy through Him.


So sometimes I like to include God in things that the world wants to have say over… in this case… fortune cookies.


Yes, I sometimes play a little game called “prophetic fortune cookies” where I say, “Okay, God, if you want to speak through this fortune cookie, go for it.”

Sometimes, it’s hilariously and obviously not from God and I laugh (and I think He laughs too).


But sometimes He DOES speak through the fortune cookie and it says something I need to hear in that moment. And instead of just saying “oh thank you, fortune cookie mystics” I get a chance to thank the most-high God for planning something so far in advance and bringing it into my life in the exact moment I needed to hear it.


So about 2 months ago, I was at Pei Wei with friends and I brought them into the whole “prophetic fortune cookie” game. They laughed and I laughed and was like “No but really we’re doing this and we’re going to be so encouraged!” I went and picked up one for everyone and as I was walking back to the table, I felt like the one in my left hand was for me.

A particular promise I’ve been believing for came to mind and I felt like God said “This one is either going to say ‘let go’ or ‘wait.'” 

So I opened my fortune cookie.

And what do you know…



It literally said “Wait.”


I told one of my closest friends and she, of course, freaked out, trying to calculate the probability that “wait” would actually be written on my fortune cookie.

But her response was my favorite. “Okay. So what do we do now???”

“Well,” I said. “We wait.”


And isn’t that typical of us? God says “Wait” And we say “Okay so what do we need to do?”

I find myself living that way. I want to put my hand to something to bring about forward motion to fulfill the promises.

But God doesn’t need our forward motion to bring the fulfillment. 


But to tell you the truth, “wait” is one of my least favorite words ever right now.


Waiting means I can’t necessarily see any forward motion.

Waiting means I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Waiting means that the “how” doesn’t make sense, logically or practically.

Waiting means I have to choose to keep hoping that today, yes today, could be the day that things change.


Because in the waiting, I get the chance to go back to my core foundational beliefs.

Do I believe that God hasn’t forgotten me?

Do I believe He is actively working on my behalf especially when I can’t see Him?

And ultimately, do I believe He is good?


If you are waiting, you are NOT alone. In fact, you are in FANTASTIC company. Read Job and Isaiah. It is FULL of waiting and the fulfillment.

But there is value in the waiting. I can’t explain it because I don’t fully comprehend it. But I do know that somehow in the Kingdom of God, the times of waiting are some of the most valuable and precious. And there is purpose in them.


“And I will WAIT for the Lord, who is hiding His face from the house of Jacob; And I will LOOK FOR and HOPE in Him” – Isaiah 8:17

Behold, THIS IS OUR GOD; we have WAITED for Him, that He might save us. This is our Lord, we have waited for Him.” – Isaiah 25:9


I have no choice but to keep hoping. When I stop hoping, I lose. I must choose every morning to keep believing that this is the day for breakthrough. That today could be the day that God shows up. And I will anticipate His coming goodness with holy expectation.

My hope can’t be a bi-product of my emotions or circumstances. Instead, my emotions should be a reflection of the hope that dwells inside of me.


3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. The longer the winter the more lush and vibrant the summer. Patience is not a virtue that I have, so waiting for anything is nearly impossible for me. I forced a lot of things in my twenties to meet my “schedule.” I forced a marriage, houses, and so many other things and it all blew up around me when I was 32 years old. What I’ve learned since: 1. God will even redeem the forced things…in due time. 2. I wasted a lot of years forcing things and accepting mediocrity when I should have been faithful enough to wait. The things I was faithful in waiting for have been so much more than I could have ever imagined for myself.

    You are doing the right thing. Believe me- waiting is excruciating sometimes, I will absolutely agree with that. It’s worth it though. It’s easy to think, “Easy for you to say,” because it is easy to say now. But the waiting I thought would kill me. It’ll come. He’ll come. And it will be so much better than you could have planned.. You are promised life abundant. Don’t accept normal. Wait for abundance.

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