The Greats

I thought I’d take the time to give a plug to some of my all-time favorite blogs. These women are complete rockstars and YOU, yes you, should take time to glean from their wisdom, creativity, and wit.


1. Joy the Baker 

Joy’s blog was the first blog I ever started reading consistently…about 4 years ago or so. It was actually the first blog I ever enjoyed reading. She is funny! And truthful! And gosh darn it, she can cook! She isn’t afraid to reveal how imperfect her life is or indulge in eating chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. I was inspired by her vulnerability and wit. She also takes ah-mazing pictures of her food. She has a cookbook  that I use more often that I use any other cookbook… her recipes are easy to follow AND fool-proof. I have never made something from it that wasn’t a hit.

2 years ago, she came to Austin for her book tour and I totally fan-girled and drove an hour and a half to see her.


That’s me. Trying to play it cool.

If you want to laugh or cook something fantastic, go read her blog. 

2. Lark and Bloom

Liz Griffin is a powerhouse mama and world-changer who lives in Waco, Texas. The woman can WRITE. Wowza. What I love about Liz’s blog is her ability to bring Biblical truth into the real, hard, in-your-face challenges of the world. More likely than not, the things she writes about are spot-on with whatever’s going on in my life. She CLEARLY hears the voice of God and writes about the convictions He places on her heart. She does a fantastic job at articulating a fresh perspective on mundane or hopeless situations. If you want to be refreshed go check out her blog. Now. 

3. Wonder and Wandering

Sara Gilmore. Another current Wacoan. This woman is the queen of adventure and I had the honor of knowing her during my last year in Waco, where we were in the same class for Antioch Discipleship School. We honestly could have known each other way sooner, because we both grew up in Brentwood, but as Jesus would have it, we didn’t meet till Waco.

What’s fantastic about Sara’s blog is her raw, real, and vulnerable adventures. Sara does an amazing job at communicating what life is like in the process. She’s okay with being open about the journey. She’s okay with not being “there” yet. If you want to read something super relatable and truthful, check out her blog. 

4. Sarah Lipscomb Design

If you ever have the urge to be around someone who seems to lure the beauty out of things, you would love spending time with Sarah Lipscomb.

I’ve known this woman for 6 years and she has quite literally changed my life. Currently a resident of Houston, Texas, Sarah and her husband, Wes, (who is equally as awesome) are a power-house duo that love to flip houses. Sarah also celebrates people SO well and loves to express that through creating places for them… whether that be through a birthday party, wedding, renovation of a laundry room… whatever! She has SUCH an eye for beauty. Her blog is full of beautiful pictures and practical advice for how to transform places into something beautiful!

If you want to be inspired to create, PLEASE check out her work on her blog. 

5. Darling Magazine 

THIS MOVEMENT, Y’ALL. A dear friend introduced me to Darling Magazine and I immediately fell in love. They have a blog with daily posts but they also have a quarterly magazine that comes out and it is just the most beautiful thing. If you want to be inspired, check out their mission statement: (This picture is from their website. I’m obsessed).


Um, hello. These women are fantastic. They address arenas of life that relate to every woman: “Dreamer”, “Hostess”, “Confidant”, “Stylist”, “Explorer”, “Beautician”, “Intellectual” and “Achiever”. They challenge women to be the fullest versions of themselves and call out the true qualities of everything a woman should be.

Read this blog!

I want to try to give a shout out to 5 blogs every month/every other month. There are many more that I could rave about!

What are some of your favorite blogs?


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