This is Why We Moved

This past week, I crashed the college ministry’s spring break trip to Miami. 

And God showed up.

Just like every Antioch College Ministry spring break trip I went on while in Waco, this one was just the same: glory-filled.

Our team of 27 people saw 29 physical healings as well as 42 people come to know Jesus as their personal savior.

God is real.

I did a lot of reminiscing about my first college spring break trip with Antioch this past week. I remember being amazed by the way I had watched the book of Acts come to life. God went from being a distant and far-off entity, to a personal, present, and near God. He became real. That week forever changed my life.

And this week was no different. It was another layer deeper, another outpouring of revelation, another week of moments of being struck with awe at the goodness of God.

Except this time, I got to witness people experience what I did 5 years ago for the first time.

And it brought me to tears.

Multiple times actually.

Watching these college students get it made me emotional. Watching them confess their sins, repent, worship, intercede and refuse to allow anything but Jesus to satisfy them lit my spirit on fire.

As we gathered in the conference room, eating our Chipotle on the last night, one by one, students stood up and shared what God had done in them that week. Testimonies of transformation. Testimonies of breakthrough. Testimonies of the power of God. And by the time the 4th person stood up, I felt as if I could burst.

Then God whispered,

“This. This, princess, is why you moved.” 

And I was overcome with His  glory, kindness and faithfulness all over again.

For all of us who moved to help with the church, God made promises. He promised that people would experience freedom if we moved. He promised that people would experience life abundant if we moved. He promised that if we left our comfort, obeyed His voice, and trusted Him, then we would see the glory of God in the Triangle of North Carolina.

And in that moment, I got a brief glimpse of what He meant.

Not by anything I had done. Not by anything anyone had done really.

But the inheritance and glory that can come when you just answer His calling with a simple “Yes.”


How quickly I can forget the outcome. How quickly I become blind-sided by my circumstances. But this. THIS. It makes it all worth it.


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