Transition and Process

tran·si·tion  (trn-zshn, -ssh-)


1. Passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.
In my experience, just hearing this word bring about something I like to call the “seatbelt effect”. That feeling of, “Buckle up, take a deep breath, things are about to get uncomfortable.”
But transition isn’t a bad thing. It’s merely a passage from one stage to another.
There’s another word I’ve learned that is hidden in the middle of the word “transition”.
proc·ess ˈpräˌses,ˈpräsəs,ˈprō-/
1. a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.
That first step of risk…that first step of faith…automatically guarantees these two words: Transition and Process.
Dreams have processes. They have a middle ground FILLED with transition and process.
And it’s SO uncomfortable.
You have these huge dreams that you want to see happen – these dreams that God has placed on your heart…You’re going to change the world. You’re going to impact the business world for God. You’re going to be the best teacher on the planet and kids are going to give their lives to Jesus every day. Revival is going to break out in *insert city, state or country you’ve prayed about for years* when you go live there.
But what about the process?
What happens when you don’t get a job for months?
What happens when you actually do get a job, and you hate it?
What happens when you’re a first year teacher and you are so tired that that “ideal” Jesus-loving teacher you always thought you’d be seems like an utter impossibility?
What happens when living overseas is the hardest thing you could’ve ever imagined doing?
What happens when it seems your community has up and left? When you feel as if you’re going through this season alone?
Will you be okay with the process? Will you be okay in the transition?
Will you be okay with the fact that you’re not there yet?
That saying yes to going, saying yes to the dreams of your heart, saying yes to Jesus didn’t mean that you’d instantaneously see your dreams in front of you.
It meant you’d say yes to actually getting on the path that would lead to them.
It’s about courage. It’s about commitment. It’s about learning to be okay with not being there yet.
It’s about continuing to walk towards the promised land, that in the desert seems like a big joke.
Before the desert it was simple to dream and plan and let your heart hope.
But as humans, we don’t want the desert. We want that instantaneous “I HAVE ARRIVED” moment….the feeling of “I’m doing EXACTLY and IDEALLY the thing that makes me come most alive. I am in the exact center of my ‘calling.'”
Promises have a desert before them. They have a waiting time…a middle ground.
It’s about learning to walk in the desert, eyes towards the horizon, and hope against hope, believe that the promise could start at any next step you take.
I found a really raw journal entry for what life after the training school feels like.
I thought I’d post it on here for those of you who did it and know this feeling…you’re not alone! Don’t quit. DON’T QUIT.
“In Elevate, we all got into the habit of believing for supernatural, crazy things. Of finding God in literally everything. Then you go into what some people call ‘the real world’ where barely anyone thinks like that and you start to wonder if you made it all up…if you’re crazy. If you really heard God say move to Raleigh…because who hears things like that?
When you come out of Elevate, it feels stupid. And you don’t feel like you’re on fire anymore. You don’t feel like you’re keeping yourself lit anymore. It’s DAILY poking these coals and saying WAKE UP! STAY LIT! DON’T QUIT! DON’T GIVE IN! STAY ON FIRE!
Then you realize you don’t have any control over keeping yourself lit. The more you try, the more you fail. So you have to release it all. All you can do is be faithful in the mundane – be faithful in the little and TRUST that God is going to keep you lit.
I’m trying too hard to get it all perfect and get it all right. I’m trying too hard to make this season the same as last season. It looks different now. This is NOT the same season. It’s a different one. IT’S NEW! My perfectionism is causing me to crash and burn.

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