Confession #428 – For My Students

And no, I am not going to list my previous 427 confessions. Although, there have probably been WAY more than that in my lifetime.

And if not, there SHOULD have been way more than that in my lifetime.

Confession #428 is that I’ve failed at blogging lately because I’ve been scared to.

Last week, I got an instagram follow request. From a student. And although I was aware this was a possibility, the fear of God hit me that MY WHOLE LIFE IS ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

Okay, that was dramatic. But really…there is a distinct possibility that my students have access to this blog.

So if you are one of my students reading this…Hello. Welcome to my blog. I write in it because I love to write. And you should always do things that bring life to your soul. So read away. There’s probably nothing on here that I wouldn’t say to you in person. Sometimes I will write about you guys…and not use your names…because I gain revelation about Jesus through you every single day. And there’s nothing I love more than sharing revelations about Jesus. Do your homework. I’ll see you in class.


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