This Thing Called Pride

While I was still in Elevate, I had major breakthrough about confidence; how it was a characteristic of Jesus while He walked this earth and how we shouldn’t believe that humility means we have to maintain insecurity in our lives. I even wrote about it here. This core belief that confidence is a characteristic of Jesus majorly shifted something in my life. It was as if every piece of insecurity in my life was kicked out the door. Any time it’s tempted to creep in now, I can spot it a mile away. Praise Jesus for His revelation.

But with this revelation, came another five-letter word that I had rarely dealt with before – pride. And now I am in this battle of learning what it is to walk in holy confidence with total humility. How did Jesus do it?

This morning, I began talking to Jesus about it again. There was this increasing tension in my heart of not understanding confidence. I was starting to second-guess all of the breakthrough I had previously received. Should we, as Christians, really embrace confidence as a lifestyle? What is the balance of confidence, humility, and arrogance?

I then realized that my definition of confidence has been entirely wrong. Confidence is not having security in my personal attributes. Confidence is, by definition, “the belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.” You know what confidence sounds a lot like to me? Dependence. Confidence has nothing to do with me. Confidence has everything to do with Someone or something else. And holy confidence has everything to do with Jesus.

There are two main things we have to choose to be confident in as followers of Jesus:

1. That who God is, is first and foremost good.

2. That everything He says is true.

If I have confidence that God is good, I know my life is taken care of when I place it in His hands. If I can rely on the fact that He does not exempt me from any of His goodness, I can dwell secure in any and every situation in my life. I can be confident in my God’s character.

I have to actively choose to believe that what God says is true – that things He has promised are going to happen and that things He says about me are actually true. I have to choose it and I can be confident in those things because I am first choosing to be confident that He speaks only Truth.

I can walk secure in the names that Jesus calls me.

But what I’m learning is that in a season of transition, and in the season of waiting with holy confidence that what He’s said is going to happen, will happen, there’s a temptation to make sure others are aware of the promises. There’s a temptation to promote your identities in order to see the promises about your future come to fruition. And this is where pride will creep in and insist that you can make these promises about your future happen on your own. It will tell you that the more you promote, the quicker your promise will get here. It will tell you that all you need is the identity – the rest of the promises are up to you to fulfill. It will turn your eyes from staring into the majestic face of Jesus and depending on Him for every little thing to a dependence on yourself to make everything happen like He said it would.

And that is called having confidence in yourself. Which isn’t even the definition of confidence anyways.

The solution?

Just walk forward.

Live in the identities He speaks over you, walk forward, cling to Him, and listen to the still, small urgings of His voice.

Confidently depend on Him with all that you are.

And rest secure that when you depend on Him, He will make the things He spoke about your future come to pass.


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