Walking Into A Promise

I’m in Raleigh.


I made the move and actually did it. Here I am, sitting in my friend’s living room…in Raleigh. This place that I’ve been praying for for months, I’m sitting in it.


I’m sitting in a promise.


A week ago, I made the drive from Nashville to Raleigh and if anything was prophetic, it was that drive.


A word over my life in this past year has been “there’s rain for the rainforest.” After months of having no idea what that meant, I listened to a Bill Johnson sermon that finally allowed me a glimpse into it. Water attracts water. When rain clouds have the choice to go to a desert or to a forest, they’re always going to be attracted to the forest. AKA my hunger for the presence of God attracts His presence even more. This season is about allowing my hunger to cultivate and stir into a huge forest that is aching for the Spirit of God to rain down.


So my entire drive to Raleigh looked somewhat like this….


Rain clouds over a forest. And the second I cross the Tennessee-North Carolina border, it just pours.

The floodgates are about to open in Raleigh.

Not to mention my view of these gorgeous mountains…


Something which was not the norm in Texas.


Another prophetic picture of the goodness to come was through yellow flowers. Yellow flowers and dandelions have been a sign from God to me for the past few years about how He fulfills His promises.


So when I cross into North Carolina, I start noticing that every exit along I-40 looks like this…



So needless to say, I was encouraged and on fire with hope and expectancy of goodness to come!


Moving here has been surprisingly natural! I love my community here and I feel like there was a place for me to fit perfectly in.


But getting adjusted has been far from easy. I’m aching for breakthrough in finances and with a job right now. Being away from some of my closest friends has brought about additional emotion, sometimes at really unexpected moments. Realizing I have absolutely no idea where anything is and that I have to use my GPS to find the nearest Starbucks so I can job-hunt isn’t comfortable. Not being able to move into a house because they haven’t laid down the new carpet yet is frustrating.


But God is so faithful! And my desperation for Him is so evident right now. I know I will come to treasure these deep and intimate moments where I will literally fail if He doesn’t show up. And I have no choice but to hold on to the reality that if this season is starting off with such desperation for His provision, dependence on Him is going to come so naturally for the rest of it.


I’m being totally set up for an abundance. The storm is about to break.


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